Divorce Mediation, Consulting, & Coaching

Steve Hitner - Divorce MediatorYour life is going great and everything is on track for a peaceful and predictable future.
Then one day you find yourself in the black hole of divorce.

You have many questions:

What do I do now? Who can I talk to? Who understands my situation?

Do I need a Lawyer? How do I find a Lawyer who can make some sense of the new found situation I am in? How does the court process work? I am told the Alimony Law has changed, how will it affect me? How long will I get alimony, or how long will I have to pay alimony? So many questions, so many right decisions to be made.

The new law contains specific guidelines and structure. I helped write the law, and have been credited with the ability to listen and bring all parties to an amicable agreement. I am widely acknowledged as an expert on the changes. When I mediate, I educate to get an agreement in the best interests of both parties. As a mediator, I will work to keep you in control ofthe process of divorce and your future.

As a consultant, I will educate you on how to interview an attorney, find a GAL, a Parenting Coordinator, and any other professionals you may need. I will educate you on how to prepare for your divorce, and help you to develop a strategic plan. If you are eligible for a modification under the changes of the law, I will educate you on the changes and help match you up with the best lawyer for your situation.

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