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Your life is going great and everything is on track for a peaceful and predictable future.

  • Steve Hitner - Divorce MediatorYou thought you had a trusted and loving spouse.
  • You finally paid off the home you always dreamed of.
  • You are driving the car you wished for.
  • Your kids are doing great in school.
  • Your dog goes every where with you.


Then one day you find yourself in the black hole of divorce.

  • Do you want a stranger in a black robe to determine your  future?


  • Do you want to control your divorce by choosing Mediation.

You need help and advice and you need it now!   

I am available, on the phone, to answer your questions 24/7.

I schedule mediation sessions during the day,  most evenings and most weekends.

          Call me for an appointment at: 508-335-0069

Typical Questions are:

—-What do I do now?  Call me.

—-Who can I talk to?  Steve Hitner

—-Who understands my situation?  I have been through it.

—-What is a Divorce Mediator?

—-What is a Divorce Coach?

—-Is there a Divorce Consultant who can help me understand the process?  CLICK HERE

—-Do I need a Lawyer? If  you need one, I can recommend one.

—-How do I find a Lawyer?  I have relationships with many Lawyers if you need one.

—-Do I do this myself as a Pro Se litigant?  Register for a Pro Se Divorce Class

—-How does the court process work?

—-I am told the Alimony Law has changed, how will it affect me?

—-How long will I get alimony, or how long will I have to pay alimony?

—-What is going to happen to my relationship with my children?


So many questions, so many right decisions to be made. . . . ..

     The Alimony Reform Act of 2011 contains specific guidelines and structure. I was a member of the Alimony Reform Task Force that drafted the revisions to the antiquated and outdated alimony law. My experience working with the Attorneys and the Legislature and victims of the old law gave me a unique opportunity to undersand the issues concerning the parties on both sides of a divorce. I have been credited with the ability to listen and bring all parties to an amicable agreement.

“When I mediate, I educate to get an agreement in the best interests of both parties, and the children involved in your divorce.”

      As YOUR mediator, I will work to keep you in control of the process of divorce and to help you make the best decisions for your future.

Call me Today to Schedule a Consultation:  


8 Responses to Divorce Mediation, Consulting, & Coaching

  1. No matter how you look into a divorce, it’s going to be
    expensive. The use of corporal punishment in households is often considered unlawful in many of the nations covered under the convention, but whether
    or not it is prosecutable depends largely on the
    degree of corporal punishment. Divorcing is the most concrete separation you can get.

  2. Mary Seybold says:

    I’m in desperate need of petitioning and revamping the rules/laws regarding permanent alimony,,,,please could you contact me? I will write to legislatures, anyone who can help turn this horrible thing into a positive,,, no more permanent alimony!!! I hope to hear from you soon! Mary seybold

  3. Sana says:

    Hi i am a Canadian i got married to a guy who was here on study visa i applied P R for him but after few months i had cancel it before he get P R now i got finalized my devorce so i want to sponsor someone out of canada so is there any time period or i can sponsor him anytime

  4. peter vamvakas says:

    I went to Greece to open a business four months ago she knew I wanted a divorce and as soon as as I arrived in Greece Dec 2015..she took all my money from a business account over 100k”. I have been living here in Greece without a penny in my pocket for 4 months…I survive thanks to fiends..I need a divorce asap and money in my account to survive,,,what can I do ,,I came to buy a business and I am one step from homeless,,,thanks to her sneaky moves,,,and she got another100k plus from her mother’s sale of the house…and a house with equity 275-300 I need help vamp.peter12@gmail.com

  5. Michael Arabadjis says:

    Steve handled the mediation of my alimony modification with professionalism and prompt attention. I had originally contacted him for advice on what to expect regarding the transition from child support to alimony, because of his expertise and leadership regarding the new reform law. He spelled out in simple terms the role he plays as a divorce mediator, and what advice he could and could not give. Because he is well-connected in the legal community, he was able to reach out and get us peripheral legal advice in such matters as where to file (my ex-wife and I both live in New York State now). When we eventually filed, he walked us through the process, providing us with all the necessary forms, helping us to fill them out correctly, suggesting the best ways to avoid the pitfalls associated with working within the legal system, and guided both my ex-wife and me in how to mentally approach this emotionally charged task. He further accommodated my sporadic travel schedule, conducting a number of three-way conference calls at odd hours, and ultimately saved us both a lot of money, aggravation and the need to travel back and forth to court in Boston. Steve was a immense pleasure to work with and I highly recommend his services.

  6. Lara O'Ryan says:

    What to do when a former spouse tries to receive child support forever for a grown child? It’s complex and costing lots and the whole thing is fraudulent . Any advice is appreciated

    • admin says:

      Hi Lara,

      I would need to know much more about the situation to get you some legal advice from an experienced Family Law Attorney. Feel free to call me to discuss. 508-335-0069

      Steve H.

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