The Mediation Process

Mediation is a process that is designed to assist people in the process of divorce voluntarily resolve their disputes.


Mediation assists spouses to develop their plan on how to parent and how to resolve financial issues. What emerges from successful mediation is a plan that is formulated by the parties – and not imposed upon them by a court. It is a process that is entirely voluntarily where the parties are in control of their divorce with the goal of a peaceful outcome.

One of the benefits of mediation is the avoidance of a far more destructive, expensive and lengthy process – a lawsuit. Mediation can take place before a lawsuit or divorce complaint is filed, or after a filing. If the mediation is successful, the dispute can usually be finalized within a matter of weeks, not the years it can frequently take to have the case resolved in court. Indeed, courts frequently suggest mediation in an effort to avoid the time and expense of litigation.


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