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Pro-Se Divorce Institute Registration


  • Do you know what forms are required?
  • Do you know how to file a motion?
  • Are you aware of the child support guidelines?
  • Do you know how to calculate alimony?
  • Do you know what a 209A is?
  • What is a Divorce NICI?
  • For Answers to the above questions and much more sign up for the below course offering:

Date: Dec. 9, 2015 – Time:  6:30PM – 9:30 PM 

Place:  Assabet High School – Cost: $99.00

Pro-Se Divorce Institute Registration

The Pro se Divorce Institute offers a three hour introductory class with a take-home booklet. This course is a must for those that are contemplating filing for a divorce or are currently in the process of getting a divorce and they are pro se – without an attorney. The 3 hour session is open to anyone that wants to learn more about the divorce process even if they do have a lawyer.

The class discusses what is a divorce, what forms and motions are required, an overview of the court system, and how to conduct oneself in a responsible manner to the judge and other lawyers. Other topics include, filing continuances, child support matters and issues regarding 209A protective orders.

To register or find out more information, contact:

Steve Hitner:  508-335-0069

Pro-Se Divorce Institute Registration